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Ms. B’s Approach to Pet Care

From the very beginning, our approach to pet care is pet centered. Once you reach out to Ms. B’s Pet Care, the next step is to schedule a free “Meet and Greet.” You may have heard this term before, but Ms. B’s Pet Care uses our first meeting to accomplish three critical objectives. Yes, it allows you and me to interview each other to see if we’d be a good fit. And yes, it is an opportunity to capture detailed information about your dog, their veterinarian, and your emergency contacts. But the most important objective is for your pet, dog, or cat, to see you welcome Ms. B’s into your home. When you welcome us in signals to your dog in particular, that Dan and I are members of your ‘pack.’ Attaining these objectives sets your pet up for an emotionally positive ‘Super Walk.’

Bella Dog
Bella (to the right) says hello to the new boy on the block.


Learning about how our canine friends think inspires me to be the best dog walker in the Seaport District and the historical Fort Point Neighborhood. I’ve studied dog cognition online with Dr. Brian Hare, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke University. I am also pet first aid certified. Every time I go out with your pup, I treat them like mine. I’ll sometimes bring Beignet, the Bichon/Cavalier Spaniel, along. As I do for her, I carry along wipes in the winter for tender paws and water for hot days in the summer. 

Louie Dog
Louie the hound has a super nose!


I always allow plenty of time for sniffing since a dog’s sense of smell is the most important way they get information. Patience and practice is another way Ms. B’s Pet Care walk is a “Super Walk.”  Most dog owners experience their dog hanging back to smell something invisible at a corner or on a bush. Their sense of smell is 40 times stronger than ours. And most of their brain is used to process olfactory information. Here is a fascinating  PBS Nova article about this. We always allow your dog to move at their own pace, checking their surroundings as we go.

Zoomy - Dog Walker Seaport
Zoomy is getting deep into his doggy mind as he sniffs the leaves.


Ms. B’s Pet Care has been walking Beignet the Cavachon around the Seaport and Fort Point Districts for over seven years. We know seeing other doggie-friends makes tails wagsome and where there are quiet pocket parks that are great for this. We also see the changing landscape of this fastest-growing section of Boston. We know where there are pathways full of discoveries that dogs love; all along the Harborwalk from down by the Flynn Industrial Park beyond the end of Congress Street, to the little shady grove by the Broadway bridge in South Boston. We know where dogs can meet and be safe.  

Tupper - Dog Walk Seaport
Tupper loves to hit the Harbor Walk to show off his blue bowtie.


We strive to build strong relationships with our clients. Each walk, every visit, and every stay, we take tons of photos and share them with you. (As a matter of fact, Dan or I have made every single photo you see in our on this website.) We share the pictures and write your notes in our daily text reports. These messages keep communications open and ongoing between us. We see your requests, we hear your concerns, and we adjust to make sure you and your pet are happy and satisfied.

If you need help walking or watching your dog or have a cat or two that require a visit, I hope you will consider letting them be part of or Ms.B’s Pet Care family. Please contact us for a free ‘meet and greet’ session to get started.

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