About Ms. B

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Our Story

When I retired from teaching college art courses I needed to do something different. I soon realized that I feel true joy being with dogs. As I would walk with my own dog Beignet, I could see the number of dogs growing in my South Boston neighborhood of Fort Point. After some research and hard thinking, I put together a plan to open a pet care business to become the best dog walker in the Fort Point and Seaport neighborhood. 

Angel - Ms. B Best Pet Care

I came to love dogs at about the same time I learned to walk.  My parents had a pair of Cocker Spaniel sisters named Angel and Holly. With very little prompting my Mom would tell stories about how I would crawl after them chasing the ball or stand up “woofing” out the window. Then, when I was in upper elementary school Gretel the German Shepard was part of our family. Gretel was an all-black Shepard and her coat shown blue-black in the sun. She was gentle and very even-tempered. Her demeanor taught me that tall or small, most dogs just want to please us. She had two litters of pups that I have such fond memories of. Watching them grow through from the neonatal stage to weaning eight weeks later was an amazing experience I have never forgotten. 

Sidekick Beignet

Today my dog Beignet is my little white shadow and she is a hypo-allergenic Cavachon. Her Dad was a Cavalier King Charles and her Mom a Bichon and she is my little baby. I make her special dehydrated liver treats and wet food with vegetables a variety of protein sources. Every night before we go to bed I brush her coat and brush her teeth. She is more interested in eating the toothpaste but that’s ok –  our veterinarian says we are doing a great job with her teeth. I just love her to pieces!

What People Say

“We have used Bebe several times to walk our dogs. It’s a great feeling of security knowing that Bebe is taking care of them when we are away. She’s caring, intelligent and responsible. I’d highly recommend her services.”

Lisa K

“Bebe is a person who knows and loves animals, especially dogs. She has taken the time to inform herself so she can recognize your pet’s needs and give them the care they deserve while away from home. Bebe is fun-loving, but she can also be firm and very responsible when it is required. She will be a friend and someone you can trust. I think that speaks volumes about how Bebe treats her dog and would treat others in her care.”

Linda B.

“Bebe loves dogs of all shapes and kinds. We grew up together and I know she has had and loved dogs for a long time! She is responsible, mature, and trustworthy. She will make you and your dog happy.”

Jenn W.

Ms.B’s Pet Care serves the Seaport District & Fort Point neighborhoods of Boston.

Ms. B’s Pet Care (B’s Best Pet Care) is Insured and Bonded in Massachusetts.