Dog Walk – Sleeper & Farnsworth

Dog Walk in the Seaport District

Depending on the season Ms. B has favorite places to walk. Big dog or small dog it doesn’t matter. Hands down one of my favorite places to walk Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter is the tiny pedestrian alley between Sleeper and Farnsworth Streets. 

It can be tricky to find but well worth the effort. If you’re standing at Trader Joes on Thomson Place you’re not far. Turn and head north towards Fort Point Channel. Walk between the T and Trillium, continue past Yotel. At the top of Farnsworth Street take a little “dog-leg” into the small parking lot and voila the tiny oasis of an alley is on your left. You have found my all-time favorite place to walk with a canine pal.

Here are half a dozen  reasons why:

#1 It is easy to get to from Farnsworth or Sleeper Streets or Seaport Boulevard. 

#2 It is quiet! There are no cars.

#3 It has one of the few mature tree stands for miles! I think the majority are cottonwood. The pathway is lined with them on one side.

#4 The buildings keep down the wind that can often bother doggie ears.

#5 At the base of the trees there is plenty of mulch to stimulate a dog’s nose and behind.

#6 It’s right next to the Farnsworth Street location of Flour Bakery. Flour is owned by amazing chef Joanne Chang and no visit is complete without a fiery hot chocolate and a sticky bun… and yes at least one dog biscuit! 

What more could we want? Well, maybe a doggie bag station. But then, Ms. B Pet Care rarely if ever is caught short without an extra poop bag. And if we are, we ‘pay it forward’ by picking up someone else’s on the next walk out.

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