Dog Walk & Park – Rolling Bridge Park

Rolling Bridge Park – Fort Point Channel, Seaport

It is easy to continue a great walk along the #BostonHarborWalk just by heading west as it follows the south-side of Fort Point Channel. Ms. B loves this spot for several reasons.

Reason 1. Except for an occasional Amtrak train this is a quiet spot. There is no construction nearby as of this writing, and through-traffic is not allowed at this end of Dorchester Ave. 

Reason 2. Rolling Bridge Park is a pretty safe spot to let your dog off-leash. (Please note Ms.B never allows your dog off-leash, except in a fenced-in dog-yard.) It is an ample space for dogs to stretch their legs and run at full speed.

Beignet crossing the walkway into the Rolling Bridge Park.

Reason 3. People with dogs are almost the only ones ever go to Rolling Bridge Park. This park is officially named for the giant red steel crescent that stands at the back of it.  It looks precarious, even dangerous, arrested in motion in the middle of the space. It is a relic of an enormous ‘rolling train bridge’ that would open over the Fort Point Channel to allow ship traffic upstream back in the 1800s. 

Reason 4. When you’re done here its a short trip further west down Dorchester Ave. to Starbucks or Dunkin at Broadway Station!

More to come next week when Ms. B walks back into the Seaport District to see what is new!

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