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The Best Dog Walks and Parks in Seaport

We have compiled the ultimate list of the Best places to explore with your dogs in the Boston Seaport and Fort Point District. Enjoy the waterfront with your best friend, uncover hidden spots behind the steels and glass façade of the bustling Seaport, have some pastries or ice cream while you are here! Come back for updates!

1. Dog Walk – Sleeper & Farnsworth St

Between Fort Point Channel & Seaport

Hands down one of my favorite places to walk Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. There is the tiny pedestrian alley between Sleeper and Farnsworth Streets. It can be tricky to find but well worth the effort. If you’re standing at Trader Joes on Thomson Place you’re not far. Turn and head north towards Fort Point Channel. Walk between the T and Trillium, continue past Yotel. At the top of Farnsworth Street take a little “dog-leg” into the small parking lot and voila the tiny oasis of an alley is on your left. You have found my all-time favorite place to walk with a canine pal. Read more here

Beignet - Best Walks at Seaport
Beignet – Best Walks at Seaport

2. Dog Walk & Park – Binford Street Park

Fort Point Channel, Seaport

The Seaport District and its original neighborhood sister, the historic Fort Point Channel, are great places to raise a city-dwelling dog. Walking your dog is so much fun here. You meet so many friends, four-footed and two-footed alike pretty much wherever you go here. When Ms. B is on A Street, her favorite location to head towards is a small park at the end of Binford Street, where it terminates at the Harborwalk. In our house, we call it ‘Channelside Park’! Read more here.

3. Dog Walk & Park – Rolling Bridge Park

Rolling Bridge Park – Fort Point Channel, Seaport

It is easy to continue a great walk along the #BostonHarborWalk just by heading west as it follows the south-side of Fort Point Channel. Ms. B loves this spot for many reasons. Reason 1. Except for an occasional Amtrak train this is a quiet spot. There is no construction nearby as of this writing, and through-traffic is not allowed at this end of Dorchester Ave. Reason 2. Rolling Bridge Park is a pretty safe spot to let your dog off-leash. (Please note Ms.B never allows your dog off-leash, except in a fenced-in dog-yard.) It is an ample space for dogs to stretch their legs and run at full speed….Read more here.

Beignet crossing the walkway into the Rolling Bridge Park.

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