Dog Walks in the Heart of the Seaport

Any Ms. B dog walk east of Congress Street has so many fun spots explore it is hard to know where to begin!

The famous Hood Milk Bottle marks the beginning of this walk in the Seaport.

Let’s pick the Hood Milk Bottle that sits on Congress Street where the bridge stands to start. It’s right where the Children’s Museum is, and there are six great reasons to stroll along the Fort Point Channel towards the harbor.

Reason 1. The surface you walk on here is smooth wood, which adds a new sensation to the usual mix of cement and brick and cobblestone surfaces.

There is plenty to explore by the Children’s Museum for the furry-faced ones.

Reason 2. The walkway here is quite broad, and that is fun because if you meet another dog you want to say hello to, there is room for others to walk by — an important consideration.

Reason 3. There is water on one side of the walkway, and sometimes you can spy geese, ducks, and seagulls.

Reason 4. There are trees on one side of the walkway nearest the Children’s Museum. We all know how rare trees are in the Seaport District.

Beignet loves to look for bunnies by the Children’s Museum in the Seaport.

Reason 5. The trees’ paths are paved with large flat slabs of stone, so smooth to walk on for doggies’ paws.

Reason 6. The Evelyn Moakley Bridge goes over the broad walkway where Seaport Boulevard begins creating a little shelter from the sun, snow, or rain. This leads us to the next great dog walk in the Seaport, Boston.

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